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A high school game jam where teens can get together and make games for fun!

Saturday, August 17th  •  9AM-8PM  •  AMRoC Fab Lab  •  Free

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question land

what's a game jam?

a game jam is a social speedrun to make a game! At TampaHacks, you'll have the opportunity to get together with other teenagers to code games for fun, no matter how goofy or janky.

do I need experience?

you don't need any experience to come to TampaHacks! you're able to learn everything you'll need to make a game here - but if you'd like to get a head start, feel free to browse around on YouTube or start with Sprig!

how do I get to the venue?

AMRoC Fab Lab is located in Tampa's University Mall, and it can be a little confusing to get to it the first time due to construction. Watch the video below for a guide on how to get to the venue.

have more questions?

you can reach out to the team with any more questions at team@tampahacks.com